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Enable Samsung Pay

Learn about additional steps that you need to do before you can accept Samsung Pay payments.

Before you can start accepting Samsung Pay payments, you need to:

Generate a CSR

Add Samsung Pay as a payment method in your Customer Area. You must generate a CSR for data encryption with the Samsung Pay platform. To generate the CSR you need one of the following roles:

  • Merchant admin
  • Manage API Credentials
  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Select Developers > API credentials. Select the web service user that will execute your Samsung Pay transactions (ws@Company.[YourCompanyAccount]).
  3. In Wallet payment methods > Samsung Pay, select + Add.
  4. Select Generate CSR.
  5. Select Download CSR.

Sign up for a Samsung Pay developer account

To register with Samsung Pay:

  1. Go to and select Sign up.
  2. Fill in your information and complete your developer profile.

For more information on Samsung Pay's developer registration process, select Getting started > Become a member to see their registration guide.

Set your payment gateway

  1. In your Samsung Pay developer account, go to My Projects and create a service and an app.
  2. Choose Adyen as your Payment Gateway, and upload the CSR file that you received from us.

Integrate Samsung Pay SDK

  1. Download the Samsung Pay SDK.
  2. Follow Samsung Pay's guide to integrate Samsung Pay SDK.