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Billie via Klarna

Accept Billie payments through a connection with Klarna.

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Read more about Billie on their website.

Billie is a Berlin-based Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) provider that specializes in providing open invoice and deferred payment options to Business-to-Business (B2B) customers. With Billie, merchants can accept invoice payments that are immediately settled in full.

Payment type Payment flow Countries Currencies Recurring Refunds Partial refunds Multiple partial refunds Separate captures Partial captures Multiple partial captures Chargebacks
Buy Now Pay Later Redirect, Inline widget AT, DE, NL, SE EUR, SEK x

Before you begin

Adyen offers Billie through a Klarna integration. Before you can process Billie payments, you must:

Integration requirements

Billie is an extension to a Klarna integration. Wherever you must specify paymentMethod.type, use klarna_b2b to process a Billie payment.

Required fields

Billie requires that your payment request include shopperName object and the company object, which contains details about the company you are invoicing:

Parameter Required Description -white_check_mark- The company name.
company.homepage The company website's home page.
company.registrationNumber -white_check_mark- The company's registration number. Required for NL, SE
company.registryLocation The country code where the company is located.
company.taxId The company's tax ID.
company.type The company's type.
For example, GmbH or AB.

Payment request and response

The following is a sample /payments request for Billie. Note the required paymentMethod and company objects:

If you use the inline widget, additionally include paymentMethod.subtype: sdk.

The response to your /payments request depends on which payment flow you are using:

Redirect to Billie

If you use the default redirect flow, the shopper is redirected to Klarna to complete the payment. The response contains an action object with the information you need to redirect the shopper:

Inline widget

To use the inline widget, your /payments request must include paymentMethod.subtype: sdk.

The shopper completes the payment in your checkout. The /payments response contains:

  • resultCode: Pending
  • paymentData: A value that you need to submit to the /payments/details endpoint later.
  • redirect: Object containing a client token.

Test and go live

Test Billie in your Customer Area with the Billie sandbox.

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