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Multibanco is the most popular payment method in Portugal.

It is a post-pay payment method. A reference for the payment is generated at the checkout which can be paid through an ATM with a debit card or at home via the online banking environment.

People use a debit card to pay Multibanco references through an ATM. They can also use online banking to pay Multibanco references.

 Multibanco reference always include:

  • A reference.
  • An entity number.
  • Payable amount value.
  • Due date/Expiry date.

The expiry date of Multibanco references can vary: from D+1, D+3, D+30 to D+90.

Multibanco references are valid until the end of the expiry day. For example, if a reference is generated at 13:30 and the expiry date is D+1 (next day), the reference is payable until 23:59 on the next day.