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PaySafeCard for API only

Add PaySafeCard to an existing API-only integration.

Accept PaySafeCard payments using our APIs, and build your own payment form to have full control over the look and feel of your checkout page.

Before you begin

Before starting your PaySafeCard integration:

  1. Make sure that you have set up your back end implementation.
  2. Add PaySafeCard in your test Customer Area.

Build your payment form for PaySafeCard

Include PaySafeCard in the list of available payment methods. You don't need to collect any information from the shopper in your payment form.

We provide logos for PaySafeCard and the issuing banks, which you can use on your payment form. For more information, refer to Downloading logos.

In your /paymentMethods request, specify:

The response contains paymentMethod.type: paysafecard.

Make a payment

In your /payments request, specify:

  • paymentMethod.type: paysafecard
  • shopperReference: Your reference to uniquely identify this shopper, for example user ID or account ID.

In the /payments response, note the action object. This contains the information needed to redirect the shopper.

Handle the redirect

  1. To complete the payment, redirect the shopper to the action.url returned in the /payments response.

    When using the HTTP GET method:
    For security reasons, when displaying the redirect in the app, we recommend that you use SFSafariViewController for iOS or Chrome Custom Tabs for Android, instead of WebView objects. Also refer to the security best practices for WebView.

  2. After the shopper is redirected back to your website, check the payment result by making a POST /payments/details request, specifying:

    • details: object that contains the URL-decoded redirectResult returned when the shopper was redirected back to your site.
  3. In the response note the following:

    • resultCode: use this to present the result to your shopper.
    • pspReference: our unique identifier for the transaction.

Test and go live

Before you go live, test your integration using the following credentials:

  • 16-digit code: 0000 0000 0990 3417

Check the status of test payments in your Customer Area > Transactions > Payments.

Before you can accept live payments, contact our Support Team to add in your live Customer Area.

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