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Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is a mobile wallet provided by Samsung for the Android OS.

Step 1: Get the CSR file

First you need to get the CSR file from Adyen to use for data encryption with the Samsung Pay platform. For this, contact the Support Team.

Step 2: Register with Samsung Pay

Before starting accepting Samsung Pay payments, you need to register an account on the Samsung Pay platform. For this, visit the webpage and follow the steps to create an account. 

After the registration, go to My Projects ( in order to create a service and an app. Choose Adyen as your Payment Gateway, and upload the CSR file that you received from Adyen on the previous step.

Step 3: Integrate the Samsung Pay SDK into your app

Follow the steps in the SDK Programming Guide:

Step 4: Send the complete payload to Adyen

After receiving the complete payload on your merchant server, submit an /payments request to Adyen with the complete payload value passed in additionalData.

The following example demonstrates how to submit this API request. The samsungpay.token field should be set to the complete payload value and included into the additionalData object.

   "paymentMethod": {
      "type": "samsungpay"
   "reference":"Your Reference Here",
      "samsungpay.token":"==Payload as retrieved from Samsung Pay SDK response=="

Step 5: Go live

Once you completed the steps above and tested your integration, contact Support Team to configure live processing of Samsung Pay payments.