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Titres-Restaurant iOS Drop-in integration

Add Titres-Restaurant to your iOS Drop-in integration

On this page, you can find additional configuration for adding Titres-Restaurant to your iOS Drop-in integration.

Before you begin

Before starting your Titres-Restaurant integration:

To start accepting Titres-Restaurant payments, you must:

  1. Get an official authorization from the Mealvoucher National Comission. From them, you receive a Carte de domiciliation CONECS with your CONECS MID.
  2. For each meal voucher that you want to accept, contact the meal voucher issuer (Bimpli, Sodexo, or Up Déjeuner) for a contract.
  3. Contact our Support Team to activate the meal voucher payment method, and let us know:
    • SIRET (Your business registration ID)
    • The Conecs MID from your Carte de domiciliation CONECS.

API reference

You don't need to send additional fields for Titres-Restaurant. To see optional fields that you can send for all payment methods, choose the endpoint you integrated:

Drop-in configuration

Select which endpoint you're integrating:

This is the default with Drop-in v5.0.0 or later.

There is no required Titres-Restaurant specific integration for iOS Drop-in.

Show the payment result

The payment result is returned in the didComplete method.

Test and go live

To test Titres-Restaurant payments, you must get test credentials directly from the meal voucher issuer (Bimpli, Sodexo, or Up Déjeuner).

Before you can accept live payments, you must contact our Support Team to activate Titres-Restaurant in your live environment.

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