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Handle progress events

Implement the callback

Implement the tender_progress_CB and assign to the function pointer status_tender_progress. For more information on how to do this, see Implement callbacks with register_device_request.

Code example

The declaration of the progress callback is:

void tender_progress_CB(response_header * response_header, ped_device_info *, void * echo_struct)

Handle the tender progress callback

The progress_callback provides additional information during the transaction regarding the progress of the transaction. 

The tender progress callback reports progress events. The PED returns event information to the cash register. Progress events do not require any action by the cash register. They They inform the staff and the shopper of what is happening on the PED. They may occur in any order, or may not occur at all. Do not use the progress callback for state machine flow or functional processing.


ped_device_infoA pointer to a ped_device_info struct that defines the status and details of the PED.

For a description of the response_header, see additional data callback.

The response_header indicates the progress state of the transaction in the state data element, which is an enum of type TENDER_STATE. Additional information might be provided in the additional_data_struct struct.