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Create the tender

PedDevice Object

Name Description
PedDevice PED object that represents the terminal.


Name Description
CreateTender Use this method to start the transaction.
For gift card operations, you create a tender prior to calling GiftCardRedeem. This CreateTender must not include a KeyedEntry tender option. If the original tender contains a KeyedEntry tender option, it is not possible to perform a GiftCardRedeem.


Name Type Required Description
merchantAccount String -white_check_mark- The merchant account that will receive the payment.
amountValue Long -white_check_mark- The transaction amount in minor units (100 is 1.00 with EUR).
amountCurrency String -white_check_mark- The transaction currency.
transactionType String -white_check_mark- The type of transaction, for example: GOODS_SERVICES, REFUND.
tenderOptions TenderOption -white_check_mark- The transaction options. Can be an empty TenderOption.
merchantRef String -white_check_mark- The transaction reference provided by the merchant (reported in the Adyen payments platform).
orderRef String -white_check_mark- The order reference for split payments (reported in the Adyen payments platform).
gratuityAmountValue int -white_check_mark- The tender gratuity amount in minor units (100 is 1.00 with EUR).
gratuityAmountCurrency String -white_check_mark- The tender gratuity currency.
shopperEmail String -x- Shopper identification (used for omni-channel digital customer recognition).
shopperRef String -x- Shopper identification (used for omni-channel digital customer recognition).
recurringContract String -x- Recurring contract if registering for RECURRING or ONECLICK payments.
recurringContractDetailName String -x- Recurring contract detail key (points at payment details of this Tender).
additionalData AdditionalData -x- Additional data the method passes with the tender. The  AdditionalData  object is a generic container that can hold extra fields. The system uses the card number as a key to collect relevant additional data, for example loyalty data or recurring contract information.

Not all languages using COM handle empty parameters equally. This has the potential to cause unexpected behavior. To prevent this, provide empty strings or pass Null objects for C++/C#, and the default value Nothing for VB.NET.



CreateTenderCB Immediate callback to tender creation.

Progress Event Callback

Reports the progress of a running tender.

Additional Data Callback

Invoked after the shopper inserts or swipes a card. Retrieves additional data about the cardholder.

DCC Callback

Returns dynamic currency conversion information to inform the POS what is happening on the PED. On the PED the shopper is allowed to choose their own currency to complete the tender.

PrintReceipt Callback

Returns the receipt for printing, and requests that the POS confirms it has received the receipt.

Signature Callback

Allows the store assistant to accept or decline a shopper's signature on the PED.
Final Callback

When the Adyen payments platform finishes processing the tender, it triggers the final state callback.