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Contains the following data elements:

flagsUnsigned IntegerA set of library flags.
library_logvoid functionThe C library uses this function to write log lines.
environmentADYEnvironmentDefines the environment, where the system executes transactions, using ENVIRONMENT_TYPE values: ENVIRONMENT_LIVE or ENVIRONMENT_TEST.
pos_namecharThe symbolic POS name.

The Integrator/Merchant App name.

Format this value like so: Cash register company and product / Cash register product version / Adyen integration name / Adyen integration version. For example,  Acme Corp POS / 1.2.1 / Acme Adyen connector / 0.1 

app_idcharThe Integrator/Merchant App ID.

The integrator name.

This value should be the name of the company deploying cash register or Point-of-Sale solution, for example,  Retail Consultancy Corp.

The following data elements are used in cases where the library throws an exception which is not related to a PED, otherwise the data elements in ped_device_info will be used



void function-white_check_mark- Function called when an exception is thrown.
echo_structstate pointer-x-

A POS-defined struct that is echoed back in the callback. Use this to share a POS data struct between the call to the library and the callback from the library. You can add any pointer to echo_struct, and this will be returned on its specific callback.

logAreaUnsigned Integer-x-Defines the parts of the logs you can see. As default set this to 0xffff.