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The create_tender_request contains the following data elements:


if not specified the PED object will be automatically populated.


The merchant account processing this transaction. Transactions can be performed with any of the merchant accounts that were returned when registering the POS.




An enum of type TRANSACTION_TYPES. For a sale transaction, it must have the value GOODS_SERVICES.


A reference for this request. Allows the merchant to identify the transaction.

order_referencechar-white_check_mark-Adyen order reference, used to reference an earlier transaction. It must refer to the psp_reference of an earlier existing transaction, unless the transaction fails.

The terminal_id of the PED.

amount_currencychar-white_check_mark-Currency of the transaction (ISO 4217).
amount_valuelong-white_check_mark-Amount of the transaction in minor currency units.

Tender gratuity currency (if applicable). Should match the tender currency.

gratuity_amount_valuelong-x-Tender gratuity amount, if applicable, in minor units (100 is 1.00 EUR).
shopper_emailchar-x-For digital shopper recognition, provide a shopper reference and/or a shopper email address. See also the additional data callback. If the additional data callback indicates that there is currently no shopper email registered for this customer, the shopper can be asked for his email address as part of the payment process.
shopper_referencechar-x-Records the shopper reference with the transaction and to set up recurring or one-click functionality.

The recurring contract specification.


The recurring contract detail name.



An enum of type TENDER_OPTIONS. For a list of tender options, see Tender Options.




Contains key/value pairs that can be used by the merchant to return specific additional data, in particular in the final transaction result.

For gift cards, the stored_value_redemption_type additional data key is used for cashback, gratuity and card deactivation.

Perform a cash back or deactivate a card by passing a stored value redemption type in additional data.

  • cashback: cash out the value of a gift card. For SVS, you must create a zero-value transaction to cash out the entire balance of a card. You can't cash out a specific amount.
  • deactivate: deactivates a gift card (not available for SVS).
  • gratuity: used to provide a tip from a gift card (for SVS cards only).
The cashback and deactivate values can be piped to chain the tasks by passing "cashback|deactivate".