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tender_referencecharThe tender_reference of the transaction.

The currency of the balance. 


The value of the balance.

timestampcharTimestamp of the transaction
stateADYTenderStateCurrent state of the transaction

Is set to true if a pending transaction exists on the PED, to be sent to the Adyen payments platform and captured 


The transaction reference provided by the Merchant (reported in the Adyen payments platform).


Adyen's unique 16-character string associated with the transaction/the request. 

A pspReference and authCode will not be visible if the transaction was performed offline.
masked_pancharThe PAN, masked so that sensitive information is not visible. The first six and last four digits are the maximum number of digits to be displayed.
pos_entry_modecharPOS entry mode (ICC/MSR/MKE/CLESS_CHIP/CLESS_SWIPE/BAR).
receiptsreceipt_setSet used to hold a list of receipt information.
struct _tx_store_report * nextstructStruct that points to the next transaction in the set.