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Create the tender


MerchantPedExtends  AdyenPed.  Class used to implement all PIN entry device (PED) functionality.



Creates a tender using a number of attributes.

This method returns an immediate response of type LibraryResult. Check if this result is "OK", before continuing the operation. If the LibraryResult value is not "OK", the system will not return the related callback with the asynchronous result. See here for more on extracting data from an event or callback.

Tender Parameter

Name Type Description
tender Tender Holds tender attributes.
For gift card operations, you create a tender prior to calling cardOperation. This createTender must not include a  KeyedEntry tender option.  If the original tender contains a KeyedEntry tender option, it is not possible to perform a cardOperation.


merchantAccountString-white_check_mark-The merchantAccount account to receive the money.
merchantReference String-white_check_mark-The transaction reference provided by the Merchant (reported in the Adyen payments platform).
currencyString-white_check_mark-The transaction currency.
amountlong-white_check_mark-The transaction amount in minor units (100 is 1.00 with EUR).
tenderOptionsTender.TenderOption-white_check_mark-The transaction options. Can be an empty TenderOption.
transactionTypeTransactionTypes-white_check_mark-The tender type (GOODS_SERVICES or REFUND GOODS_SERVICES_WITH_CASHBACK, CASHOUT).
pspReferenceString-x-The tender reference provided by the Adyen PSP (reported in the Adyen payments platform).
A pspReference and authCode will not be visible if the transaction was performed offline.
orderReferenceString-x-The order reference for split payments (reported in the Adyen payments platform).
originalReferenceString-x-The original reference for refunds (reported in the Adyen payments platform).
gratuityAmountlong-x-The tender gratuity amount in minor units (100 is 1.00 with EUR).
shopperReferenceString-x-Shopper identification (used for omni-channel digital customer recognition; minimum length three characters).
shopperEmailString-x-Shopper identification (used for omni-channel digital customer recognition).
recurringContractRecurringContract-x-Recurring contract if registering for RECURRING or ONE_CLICK payments.
recurringContractDetail String-x-Recurring contract detail key (points at payment details of this Tender).
dccDataDccData -x-Container for the DCC data.
receiptsList-x-Holds a list of receipt information.
authCodeString-x-Authorisation code for the transaction.
A pspReference and authCode will not be visible if the transaction was performed offline.
refusalReasonString-x-Reason for refused transaction, if applicable.
tenderPedAdyenPed-x-The PED to run this transaction on, do not serialize it
terminalIdString-x-The PED to process the transaction on.
adjustCurrencyString-x-The transaction adjusted currency.
adjustAmountlong-x-The transaction adjusted amount in minor units (100 is 1.00 with EUR).

Passing tender options

Pass tender options, such as creating a recurring contract, with the TenderOption list. For more information, see pass tender options.

Determine the current and final tender state

Adyen provides a method to determine the current, or final, tender state. For more information, see Determine the current and final tender state - JNI.


Name Description
createTenderCallback Immediate callback to creation of the tender.
progressCallback Reports the progress on a running tender
additionalDataCallback Invoked after the shopper inserts or swipes a card. Retrieves additional data about the cardholder.
tenderDccCallback Returns dynamic currency conversion information to inform the POS what is happening on the PED. On the PED the shopper is allowed to choose their own currency to complete the tender.
tenderPrintReceiptCallback Returns the receipt for printing, and requests that the POS confirms it has received the receipt.
tenderCheckSignatureCallback Allows the store assistant to accept or decline a shopper's signature on the PED.
finalCallback When the system finishes processing the tender, it triggers the final state callback.