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Handle the Signature callback


Name Description


The system invokes this callback if the terminal or card settings require signature as CVM.


Name Type Description
pedObj PedDevice PED object that represents the terminal.
tenderObj Tender The tender associated with the additional data.
headerObj ResponseHdr Header object that includes generic statuses, information about merchant, additional data from the PED.

Confirmation Method

Name Description


This method runs against the tender object. Staff must verify the signature, and confirm or reject it.


Name Type Required Description
confirmation int -white_check_mark- The result of signature verification. The staff member either confirms or rejects the signature.
signatureData String -x- Base-64 encoded string of the bitmap. The PED passes the digital signature to the Adyen payments platform. Image size: 240 X 170px. 

Confirmation values

Value Meaning
0 Declined
1 Approved
2 Retry

You can use value 2, retry, to allow shoppers to re-enter their signature.