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The special_tender_request contains the following data elements:

Field Type Required Description
ped void -white_check_mark-

if not specified the PED object will be automatically populated.

merchant_account char -white_check_mark-

The merchant account processing this transaction. Transactions can be performed with any of the merchant accounts that were returned when registering the POS.




Type of gift card transaction (Redeem, which uses a card balance to pay for an item, Load, which loads a balance to a card, and Balance Inquiry which returns the current balance of the card). transaction_type takes the following values:

  • redeem
  • load
  • balanceInquiry
reference char -white_check_mark- A merchant-supplied reference for the transaction.
terminal_id char -white_check_mark-

The terminal_id of the PED.

amount_currency char -white_check_mark- Currency of the transaction (ISO 4217).
amount_value long -white_check_mark- Amount of the transaction in minor currency units.
payment_method_type char -white_check_mark-

Payment method used for the transaction, such as a gift card, Alipay etc.

For Gift Cards:

  • Pass givex for a Givex card.
  • Pass svs for a SVS card.

For Alipay and WeChat Pay:

  • Pass alipay for an Alipay transaction.
  • Pass wechatpay_pos for WeChat Pay transaction.


void -white_check_mark-

Special options are dictionary key value pairs. This information is passed directly to the PED, which interprets it.

Activate, load, or refund a balance to a card by creating a special tender and passing the following values as the loadType in special options:

  • activate - Activates a gift card.
  • load - Adds a balance to a gift card.
  • merchandise_return - Add a refund balance back on to a gift card. This uses the same functionally as a load but is separated for accounting purposes.
The activate and load values can be piped to chain the tasks by passing "activate|load".

Perform a cash back or deactivate a card by creating a special tender and passing a redemptionType as a special option. 

  • cashback - Cash out the value of a gift card. For SVS, you must create a zero-value transaction to cash out the entire balance of a card. You can not cash out a specific amount.
  • deactivate - Deactivates a gift card.  (Deactivate is not available for SVS).
  • gratuity - Used to provide a tip from a gift card. (For SVS cards only).
The cashback and deactivate values can be piped to chain the tasks by passing  "cashback|deactivate".
handle_receipt boolean -x- Specifies that the POS handles and prints receipts. If omitted, it is required that the PED prints the receipt. If there is no printer unit, the transaction will fail.




Contains key/value pairs that can be used by the merchant to return specific additional data, in particular in the final transaction result.