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The cancel_or_refund_on_terminal_request contains the following data elements:

Field Type Required Description
ped void -x- if not specified the PED object will be automatically populated.
merchant_account char -white_check_mark- The merchant account processing this transaction. Transactions can be performed with any of the merchant accounts that were returned when registering the POS.
tender_reference char -white_check_mark- A reference to the tender provided by the PED.
terminal_id char -white_check_mark- The terminal_id of the PED.
handle_receipt boolean -x- Specifies that the POS handles and prints receipts. If omitted, it is required that the PED prints the receipt. If there is no printer unit, the transaction will fail.
additional_data_obj additional_data_struct -x- Contains key/value pairs that can be used by the merchant to return specific additional data, in particular in the final transaction result.