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The register_app_request struct contains the following data elements:

Name Description
merchant_account The merchant account processing this transaction. Transactions can be performed with any of the merchant accounts that were returned when registering the POS.
user_id Pointer to the user id.
password Pointer to the password.
app_id Pointer to a unique POS identifier.

The POS must provide the app_id to the library as an identifier that uniquely identifies the POS system to the merchant.

The system authenticates and authorizes the POS using the merchant_accountuser_id and password. It uses the app_id as a key to register the POS.

The ADYEN_RESULT is an enum that indicates if the system received the request.

This is not the final result of the call. The library returns the final result in response to the library initialization call.

The init_result should be ADYEN_OK, if this is not the case, something has gone wrong. In this case, confirm the data elements sent with the call are correct. If the issue cannot be resolved, log the result and contact Support Team.