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Library flags

Library Flags offer a level of control to the cash register and are useful for application development and debugging.

POS Object

Name Description
POS POS object representing the cash register application.


Name Description
GetInitFlags GetInitFlags allows you to set flags through the COM. We provide this method because you cannot port ENUMs through the COM.


Name Type Required Description
logLevel String -white_check_mark- Defines the level of logging provided.
logArea long -white_check_mark- Defines the parts of the logs you can see. As default set this to 0xffff.
comLogConsole int -white_check_mark- Set to 1 to show the COM log console, set to 0 to hide it.

The possible values of logLevel are:

EERROR: Logs errors.
WWARNING: Logs warnings.
IINFO: Logs information about program state, representing program events or behavior tracking.

DEBUG: Logs detailed information about program state for debugging.