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Make a payment


Call [ADYDevice createTransactionRequestWithReference:error:] on the selected ADYDevice. This creates an ADYTransactionRequest object.


  1. Enter the currency and amount of the payment on the ADYTransactionRequest, and optionally additional data in the options dictionary.
  2. Call [ADYTransactionRequest startWithDelegate:error:] to start executing the transaction. Again, this method returns immediately, and the payment continues running in the background. The provided delegate will be called periodically to be informed of the payment's progress and outcome.
  3. Your app will be called by various delegates.

When any of these methods are called, the transaction is temporarily suspended until the app indicates that it can continue. In the case of [ADYTransactionProcessorDelegate transactionRequiresSignature:] for example, this is done by the app calling either [ADYSignatureRequest submitConfirmedSignature:] or [ADYSignatureRequest submitUnconfirmedSignature:].