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Transaction flows

Before using POS systems and connected PEDs to process transactions on the Adyen payments platform, the PEDs should be authenticated and authorized (at least once) with the Adyen payments platform. The POS system should be able to communicate with the Adyen PSP (https:443 - Internet).

Authentication and authorization of the POS is done by entering the Adyen provided credentials; after which the POS is authorized. The POS can then authenticate and authorize any PEDs that are connected to it.

PED registration flow

Basic sale transaction flow


Additional calls during transactions might happen between the Payment terminal (PED) and the Cash register (POS). They are communicated in the same way as in the steps StartTransaction (1) and TransactionResult(8) through https:8443 (LAN).


This flow is used to accept a normal payment.

Sale with Digital Customer Recognition

This flow can be used in case loyal customers as recognized based on card number will get the discount. It can also be used for upselling with a use of customer recognition.