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EMV Refund flows

EMV (with data / unreferenced)

This flow is used in case a refund needs to be performed and it cannot be tied to the original payment for example in the case of returned christmas gifts or during the change of providers.

Referenced (partial) refund

This flow should be used in case a receipt is available and the refund can be initiated by the merchant backend.

Referenced (partial) refund without receipt

This can be used in case the customer returns the goods but no longer has a receipt so you can look up the original payment and refund the return goods. This can also be a partial amount in case not everything is returned by the shopper and also be used across channels so in case the goods were purchased online and then brought back to the store.

Referenced full refund (SME fallback)

If you do not have backend implementation for order and transaction management, this library offers the ability to perform a full refund. Only the PSP reference is required as a parameter.