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init_library_request with proxy

Contains the following data elements:

flagsUnsigned IntegerA set of library flags.
library_logvoid functionThe C library uses this function to write log lines.


The backend_use_proxy parameter is used to pass the proxy for communication to the Adyen payments platform.


Used to pass the proxy for communication to the Adyen payments platform.

environmentADYEnvironmentDefines the environment, where the system executes transactions, using ENVIRONMENT_TYPE values: ENVIRONMENT_LIVE or ENVIRONMENT_TEST.
pos_namecharThe symbolic POS name.
app_namecharThe Integrator/Merchant App name.
app_idcharThe Integrator/Merchant App ID.
integrator_namecharThe integrator name 

The following data elements are used in cases where the library throws an exception which is not related to a PED, otherwise the data elements in ped_device_info will be used



void function-white_check_mark- Function called when an exception is thrown.
echo_structstate pointer-x-

A POS-defined struct that is echoed back in the callback. Use this to share a POS data struct between the call to the library and the callback from the library. You can add any pointer to echo_struct, and this will be returned on its specific callback.

logAreaUnsigned Integer-x-Defines the parts of the logs you can see. As default set this to 0xffff.