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Admin menu

Retrieve the Admin passcode from the Customer Area and open the Admin menu.

To access the Admin menu on the terminal, you need to enter a PIN. If you don't know the PIN, you can obtain it from your Customer Area.

Retrieve the Admin passcode from your Customer Area

  1. Log in to your Customer Area:
  2. In your company or merchant account, go to Point of sale > Terminals.
  3. Search for the terminal by serial number. Example: V400m-123456789.

    You can find the serial number in the Device info on the terminal.
    Refer to the manual for your terminal model.

  4. Click on the row of the terminal. The settings page for that terminal appears.
  5. Select Passcodes.
  6. Select Decrypted.
    The page refreshes and the Admin menu box should now show the passcode to open the Admin menu.

    If the Admin passcode isn't visible, your user account doesn't have the POS admin role. Contact your company's admin user.

Open the Admin menu

  1. Start as follows:

    • On Verifone terminals with a keypad, select 9 and then the Confirm key .
    • On legacy models, select the Confirm key and then 9.
    • On Verifone terminals without keypad, select the Menu button en then Admin.

  2. Enter the passcode for the Admin menu and select Confirm.

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