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In-person payments

Accept payments at the point of sale with our Terminal API and payment terminals.

With Adyen's in-person payments solution you can build a feature-rich point-of-sale integration that:

  • Is supported around the world in many languages.
  • Enables you to accept global and local payment methods.
  • Lets you choose from a wide range of fully-certified and PCI-compliant Adyen payment terminals.
  • Matches your business needs, and your choice of network architecture.
  • Creates a unique shopping experience for your customers, that can combine your in-person and online payments.
  • Lets you manage your payment terminals and transactions from our unified Customer Area.

We regularly release new software for our terminals, to offer new functionality and improvements. For details, see the Release notes.

An integration for your business

Standalone solution

If you don't need a fully featured API integration, and want the quickest way to accept in-person payments, we also offer a standalone terminal solution.

Our in-person payments product is based around our modern and feature-rich Terminal API. This communicates using JSON messages, without the need for libraries, making integrating quicker and simpler than a traditional point-of-sale solution. You can integrate using the same architecture as your existing POS system, whether this communicates over a local network, or over the cloud.

Choose from payment terminals that suit your business and business model. We offer terminals that are designed for hospitality, retail, food, events, lifestyle, delivery, and more.

All these terminals are all fully certified, can be centrally managed, and will automatically update themselves with the latest Adyen software.

As your business grows, expanding into new regions is as simple as adding these markets to your Adyen Customer Area. We'll take care of the rest.

A unique experience for your customers

Give shoppers the option to pay in their local currency, and offer tax-free shopping incentives to shoppers visiting from abroad.

Create a more personalized shopping experience by recognizing your customers. By using our omnichannel shopper recognition you can identify an online shopper when they make a purchase in one of your physical locations. You can then offer them the convenience of automated loyalty points, an emailed receipt, and the option to refund their in-person purchase from your call center or fulfillment center.

Adyen-supplied payment terminals offer a UI that can be customized with your own branding, and have a built-in touch screen that lets you collect on-screen input from customers, such as their email address, survey or Net Promoter Score feedback, and more.

If your store uses a fleet of wireless terminals, your mobile POS app can automatically detect and connect to the nearest terminal using beacons.

One platform

Point-of-sale payments are processed on the same platform as online payments. You can manage your integration from the Adyen Customer Area or using API calls.

In your Customer Area you can also:

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