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The terminal display shows Tamper.

The payment terminal has been tampered with. This is a security breach, so you need to replace the terminal.

When the display of the payment terminal shows the word 'TAMPER' or 'TAMPERED', stop using the device and contact Adyen immediately.

The tamper detection is a protection mechanism to guarantee secure processing. It prevents unauthorized persons from making adjustments to the terminals.

Return or replace the terminal

Follow the instructions to return the terminal to Adyen. If you are using our Terminal Replacement Service, you can request a replacement terminal in the same order.
After you have submitted your return or replacement order, you can't make changes but you can cancel the order if we haven't processed it yet.
If you ordered a replacement terminal, you can track the terminal delivery.

Contact our Support team

To inform us of the security breach, or to change your return or replacement order, contact us directly.

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