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Standalone terminals

Process payments through Adyen using a terminal that is not linked to a POS system.

If you don't need a fully-featured POS system, you can use our Standalone solution instead.

This is our quickest way to start accepting in-person payments. It does not require any development or integration work. Instead of using a POS app, you initiate transactions directly from a standalone terminal.


Standalone terminals can also be used as a fallback. If there is a problem with the internet access, you can continue making transactions using a standalone terminal. All you have to do is enable cellular connectivity or offline payments on the standalone terminal.

Compliance and supported terminals

A compliance requirement from the card schemes is that you are able to provide the customer with a printed receipt. For this reason, only terminals that have a built-in printer can be used as standalone terminals. When selecting a new terminal, choose one of the following models:

  • S1F2
  • V210
  • V240m Plus (for Brazil)
  • V400c Plus
  • V400m

Supported features

The Standalone solution supports the basic payment-related operations:

In addition, you can view and print day or shift totals and reprint receipts.

With the Standalone solution, you will not be able to use features like shopper recognition or tax free shopping. You will also need to manually reconcile your point-of-sale transactions against your sales and returns.

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