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EVO release notes V1.28

New functionality

Void requests from terminal

We've implemented void requests for terminals that operate in standalone mode. The terminal will store the last 25 transactions. When you select a transaction, you can request a void.

If the transaction hasn't been captured, voiding the transaction will cancel it. If it has been captured, it will be refunded.

This feature is disabled by default. Contact the POS Support Team if you would like to enable void requests from the terminal. 

Process MOTO (Mail Order / Telephone Order) transactions

You can now process MOTO transactions, allowing you to handle phone orders in-store. For more information and to enable the MOTO feature on your terminals, contact POS Support Team.

Customizable menus

You can now create custom menus on the terminal. This lets you separate regularly used items from the terminal configuration settings. These menus must be configured by the POS Support Team.

Gratuity sum in the totals

Gratuity is now a separate category on the totals report.

Router Pinging

After a period of inactivity, some router setups would experience connectivity issues. To prevent this from happening, we've introduced a local gateway ping. The ping interval is configurable.

Easily access terminal information

By pressing Enter + 5 on the terminal you will now see its:

  • IP address
  • Terminal ID
  • Installed software version
  • QR code

Only print receipts for approved transactions

Terminals can now be configured so that Refused or Cancelled transactions do not print a receipt. Contact POS Support Team to configure this functionality on your terminals.

This feature is only applicable for terminals that print receipts.

iOS Bluetooth support on E355 terminals

The E355 terminal now supports Bluetooth pairing over iOS. This allows for communication and barcode scanning over the Bluetooth connection.    

Initiate standalone transactions on integrated terminals

You can now initiate a transaction from the standalone terminal if your integrated terminal is experiencing connection issues. To start a transaction, press the 'Green' key on the standalone terminal. Contact the POS Support Team to configure this functionality.

Fixed issues

  • If a Wi-Fi network has not been configured, the terminal will indicate that no networks are configured. Previously it would scan for networks.
  • Offline swipe transactions are declined when the amount is below the offline swipe limit.
  • Missing network icons in status bar.
  • POS Entry mode is no longer displayed for standalone transactions.
  • TXstore (transactions stored on the terminal) now provides the same information as the final callback on the tender.