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EVO release notes V1.29

New functionality

Remove Application ID priority

For dual-branded cards, the shopper can now select which scheme is used for the transaction. Contact the POS Support Team to configure this.

View totals on the terminal screen

You can now view the day's totals (overall, and per payment method) on the terminal screen. You can view this in Main menu > Totals > View totals.

Power-off from the VX820 menu

On the VX820, you can now shut down a terminal by selecting Power off from the main menu. You can also use this to reboot a terminal without cutting the power supply.

Security prompts for SVS gift cards

A security prompt will now appear for Manual Keyed Entry load and balance transactions.

Fixed issues

  • Some EFTPOS magnetic stripe cards wouldn't process because the service code wasn't recognized by the terminal.
  • The online pin Cardholder Verification Method could be skipped for zero-value authorizations.
  • Transactions could be reverted after receipt printing had started.
  • The incorrect merchant account was displayed in the terminal information (Enter + 5) menu.
  • Standalone transactions would cancel when an integrated transaction was started.
  • Special Tender transactions wouldn't process when additionalData was submitted.
  • Alipay transactions would fail if other payment methods were not configured.