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EVO release notes V1.30

New functionality

StoreID added on Terminal Info screen

We've added storeID to the terminal quick information screen. This is only applicable when stores are set up on the merchant account. 

E355 Bluetooth pairing flow

We've made the Bluetooth pairing process more intuitive to improve user experience. Review the E355 manual for instructions.

PIN entry enforcement on specific BINs

For some cards that have been issued incorrectly, the issuer is expecting a PIN but the service code indicates a PIN is not required. For these cards, we flag that the BINs require a PIN code which will ensure the shopper is prompted for their PIN.

Change in cancel flow

We've improved the cancellations flow. The terminal now allows for cancellation from the POS when the signature is checked.

Fixed issues

  • The contactless kernel does not initialize and causes contactless transactions to be declined.
  • The E315 Barcode scanner can not scan Alipay QR codes.
  • The terminal does not display a warning before reboot.
  • Print receipt options exist on terminals without an internal printer.