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EVO release notes V1.31

Improved functionality

Display of minor units

Some currencies like Hungarian Forint (HUF) use minor units, but minor units are rarely used by shoppers. Some currencies don't include minor units at all. Previously, our terminals displayed minor units by default. You can now configure the terminal to hide minor units.

Default time-out behaviour

For standalone terminals with a printer, a time-out might occur. By default we will approve the transaction and print the receipt instead of cancelling the transaction.

Improved OS logging for crashes

OS logging has been improved, meaning that we can retrieve more information after a crash when logging is enabled on the terminal.

Fixed issues

  • Reconnect to Bluetooth base station:
    In rare cases the Bluetooth driver of the VX690 terminal switches off overnight which leads to Bluetooth connection issues the next day.
  • Disable logging during pin entry
    Issues writing logs simultaneously to a PIN entry on the terminal.
  • Improved reporting on network interface in logging
    In some scenarios 'Ethernet' connection is reported in network interface logs while the terminal is connected via a serial communication
  • Signature check language
    The text ("is signature correct?") displayed to the merchant during signature check is displayed in the shopper language.
  • Reconnect to Wi-Fi network
    If the Wi-Fi network is switched off overnight, the terminal doesn't always automatically reconnect when the Wi-Fi is switched on again.