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EVO release notes V1.32

New functionality

Cashback / Cashout transactions supported on EFTPOS

In specific regions, a customer can obtain a small amount of cash from their account along with their purchase (cashback), or obtain the cash without a purchase (cashout). We now support cashback and cash out transactions on EFTPOS . To use these features in an integrated solution, the latest stable library version is required.

Improved functionality

Clearer feedback on expired cards

If the transaction can not be processed due to an expired credit card, this feedback will be displayed on the terminal.

Reduced config size downloads

To improve file transfer speeds, we only download configuration for changed elements.

TXstore results returned by PED limited to 10 transactions

The extension of the TXstore in version V1_31 resulted in out of memory issues in combination with a request for the last 25 transactions for the VX820. In order to prevent those issues we limit the result to the 10 last transactions. If you query individual transaction it possible to the retrieve a result for the last 25 transactions.

Fixed issues

  • When the terminal crashes before tx_event_final_status_reached, the transaction is not added to the totals after crash recovery.
  • In some rare scenarios the contactless transaction is incorrectly approved offline.
  • No 'Cancelled or Declined' receipt is printed in cases when there was a card chip failure communication.
  • Masked PAN is missing on the receipt