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EVO release notes V1.33

New functionality

Signature dropped as Cardholder Verification Method

Visa, MC, Amex, Discover are dropping the signature requirement in the US as of April 2018. It's now up to you whether you want to collect a signature, but it is no longer a requirement for those schemes. To facilitate this change, Adyen has made the signature collection configurable in the US. 

Improved functionality

time-out on special payment menu

A time-out has been implemented on the special payment functions menu (enter + 8 menu). This payment menu is only applicable for merchants who are processing in standalone mode.

Transaction store (TX store) on payment terminal extended

We have increased the number of payments stored on the terminal to a hundred transactions. The last hundred transactions can be queried by the POS, however if the POS is retrieving a list the result set is limited to ten transactions because of memory limitations.

TXstore results returned by PED limited to 10 transactions

The extension of the TXstore resulted in memory issues when a request was made for the last twenty five transactions for the VX820. To prevent this, we limit the result to the last ten transactions. You can query any individual transaction from the last hundred transactions.

Dimming of terminal backlight configurable for power supplied terminals

By default backlight is never dimmed when the terminal has power supply. This is now configurable as some merchants want to dim the backlight even when the terminal is plugged in.

Fixed issues

  • CVM reporting:
    CVM is now visible in reports. When attempting an authorization without PIN entry, the issuer might respond with "invalid PIN". If so, the shopper is prompted for the PIN and the CVM is set to "Online PIN". 

  • Alipay & WeChat Pay reporting on cancellations:
    Cancellations triggered by the POS are reported as 'Terminal cancelled tx' instead of 'Merchant cancelled tx'.

  • Bluetooth unpairing flow crash:
    When you press cancel during Bluetooth unpairing, a crash occurs. 

  • Transaction date missing on receipt for special tenders.