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EVO release notes V1.35

New functionality

Collecting signature optional as cardholder verification method

Visa, MC, Amex, Discover are dropping the signature requirement in the US as of April 2018. It's now up to you whether you want to collect a signature, but it is no longer a requirement for those schemes. To facilitate this change, we have made signature collection for each scheme configurable in the US. 

Refund limit

You can now specify EMV refund limits via the Customer Area. We decoupled the maximum transaction amount from the maximum refund amount. Now, you can configure both separately as merchants would like to have a higher maximum transaction amount than the refund amount in order to reduce fraud risk.

Improved functionality

Time out for PIN prompt

The time out for a PIN prompt is reduced from 5 minutes to 1 minute.

Battery level too low for printing

When the battery is low, the internal printer is not able to print the receipt. In previous versions, the displayed message was 'Printer Busy'. We have now changed this to 'Battery level too low'.


  • Connection preferences persist after reboot. If a network connection is disabled by a user, this preference persists after the nightly reboot. 
  • On standalone devices, you can start a cashback transaction on payment methods that don't support cashback, like AliPay.
  • Some strings do not fit the e315 display.
  • On some issuer responses, we prompt the shopper to insert the card. For the e315, one particular issuer response does not appear on screen, and the screen looks frozen.