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EVO release notes V1.36

New functionality

Bluetooth connection setup E355

If you're pairing a mobile device with an E355 over Bluetooth (before the terminal is boarded to a merchant account), it will prompt the user to connect to an iOS or Android device. It is now possible to revert after the user chooses iOS or Android.

Standalone enabled in background

Some integrated merchants want the ability to start standalone transactions when there is an issue with the cash register. It is now possible to enable standalone processing without showing the start button on the idle screen.


  • Issue: VPAY Application priority doesn't work as expected. The shopper is prompted to select an application. 
    Fix: the correct application is selected automatically.
  • Issue: the terminal doesn't indicate when it is processing an AliPay transaction on the e315m.
    Fix: improved messaging.
  • Issue: in certain cases, the UI implies DCC has been accepted when it is declined by the shopper.
    Fix: improved UI.