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EVO release notes V1.38

New functionality

Alipay and WeChat Pay support for legacy systems

Legacy POS integrations can now support non-card payment methods like Alipay and WeChat Pay. When a shopper pays with a non-card payment method, we will provide dummy card data in additionalData.

PIN priority for cards configured for signature

For certain card BIN ranges we will request an online PIN, even when the card is configured to request a signature or other Cardholder Verification Method. Our data shows that this results in higher authorisation rates for these cards.

Improved functionality

New Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) prompt

We've changed the DCC prompt. After the shopper accepts DCC, they are now asked which currency they want to pay in.


In this release we fixed the following issues:

  • After a terminal crash, transactions with DCC would appear in the totals report in the converted currency. They now appear in the original currency. 

  • In the network menu, GPRS has been renamed to Cellular.

  • The POS entry mode not appearing on the receipt for Alipay or WeChat Pay transactions. This now appears on the receipt as Barcode.

  • Receipt data for Alipay and WeChat Pay was not appearing in the Customer Area.

  • Removing the SIM card could cause the terminal to crash.