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VOS release notes V1.14

Data compression

Data in POScompletion

The message to the Adyen payments platform is now compressed. This reduces the load on the merchant network, and enables faster and more reliable submission of POScompletion messages.

You might need to upgrade your library to use data compression. The following versions of the libraries support/will support data compression:

  • C 1.5
  • iOS 
  • Android latest 1.12
  • .NET 1.3: scheduled for May 2017

The firmware will fallback to non-compressed data if an older library is used. You can safely upgrade the firmware version, if you are using an older library.

Data sent to the libraries

This data is now compressed, but a new version of the library is also required.

Online PIN retries

Shoppers whose CVM is online PIN, and who fail to enter their PIN correctly, are prompted to retry entering their PIN. Previously, the transaction was declined when the shopper's PIN was entered incorrectly, and store staff had to start a new transaction.

Stability improvements - crash fixes

We have implemented multiple stability improvements to reduce the number of crashes. Additionally memory usage is now submitted to the backend so that issues can be spotted more easily.

NFC indicator shape

We have changed the shape of the NFC indicator to make it clearer.

Admin menu

We have added Admin menus for configuration, logging and the installer have been added.

UI Changes

NFC Indicators

View Configuration menu

Network Properties menu