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VOS release notes V1.16

New Functionality


To update the Verifone operating system and other system packages, we introduce the new installer framework to VOS. This framework is similar to the installer that is present on EVO.

Being able to update system packages will greatly improve the stability of the terminal, and allows us to introduce new functionality (such as sounds).

To update to VOS 1.16, we require a two-step update process:

  1. Update the terminal to 1.16.7 using the current update process.
  2. After the update, the installer is available and will update the operating system and all system packages.

Once the OS and package update is complete, the terminal will be running version 1.16.8. From this version onward, installer will be used for updating terminals (the old update mechanism will be deprecated).


We have introduced terminal sounds that let the shopper and store employee know when something happens on a terminal. For example, tones will sound when a shopper presses buttons to input their PIN. When transactions are completed with a result of either approved or declined, an appropriate tone will sound.

Application ID selection based on priority (not shopper choice)

Some payment cards have multiple Application IDs on the card (for example, Dual Branded, US Debit & Credit). In this version, the terminal automatically selects the Application ID with the highest priority, rather than displaying multiple Application IDs and allowing the shopper to decide for themselves. Due to local regulations, this feature can not be enabled for all regions.

Option to hide or display sensitive issuer responses

In some countries it is not common practice to show sensitive issuer responses on the terminal. Now a terminal can be configured to hide or to display sensitive messages like 'insufficient funds' and 'card blocked'.

Reject Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) flow

If the shopper presses the red cancel button when prompted for DCC, the DCC offer is rejected and the transaction continues (instead of cancelling).


  1. All Manual Key Entry transactions can now be captured on the MX925.
  2. Card Verification Method (CVM) on refunds was not reported correctly. If a signature was used as CVM it was reported as 'No CVM required'.

Known issues

  • There is a small delay before the txStore reports a transaction as completed.