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VOS release notes V1.18

New functionality

Discover Contactless

From this version onwards, we offer contactless payments for Discover.

Language Admin Menu

The Admin menu language setting can be different to the transaction processing language.

We've implemented this change because:

  • Our POS support team can troubleshoot issues more easily when the language for the Admin menu is English.
  • The UI in the Admin menu is not shown properly in all supported languages

Skip nightly reboot

The terminal always executes a nightly reboot. In some scenarios, for example Black Friday, merchants require that terminals remain turned on and able to process payments. Merchants can now skip the nightly reboot at an indicated date to facilitate those requests.

Remove terminal configuration remotely

To decouple a terminal from a merchant account, we required that merchants remove the configuration on the terminal itself.

From this version onwards, we removed this dependency by enabling a remote terminal configuration removal. This action can be executed by POS support and simplifies the off-boarding process.

Possibility to decouple printing from transaction flow

To make the transaction flow more robust we have implemented the option to decouple receipt printing from transaction flow. Traditionally the transaction was only approved after a successful print callback was received. With this feature it is possible to finish the transaction completely before printing. For existing merchants this requires a change in the implementation.

Animated .gif support

In order to enhance the shopper experience we now support animated .gif files. If the terminal is idle animated. gif files can be displayed instead of static images. The .gif files have to be uploaded in the Customer Area

Stores added

A terminal can be associated by default with a store by passing it from the library in the register PED call. VOS terminals are now able to process payments for different stores. store influences how transactions are routed and settled. 

Improved functionality

Adjusting volume terminal sounds

The volume of terminal sounds is configurable. The terminal sounds are categorized in 3 types and each type can be configured.

  •  Happy flow sounds (Card inserted, Transaction approved etc)
  •  error sounds (remove card after tx, card removed resulting in error, declined final screen)
  •  ctls sounds (minimum volume level is restricted)

Time out on present card screen

A configurable time out on the 'present card' has been implemented whereas before the 'present card' screen would  get a NFC time which resulted in an 'error' screen and an 'unknown error' was fed back to the libraries. Time outs are now properly handled.

Switch Interface mid tender based on issuer response

Issuer responses indicate when daily contactless amount limits are exceeded. This resulted in a declined transaction.

From this version onwards, we keep the tender alive and prompt the shopper to insert their card. This provides a better shopper experience as the transaction is initiated only once.


  • When a final approved receipt is being printed the transaction can not be cancelled anymore from this version onwards.
  • For partial authorizations, the full order amount was stated on the receipt instead of the authorized amount for that specific payment method.
  • The network not connect message was not displayed after a reboot when terminal is not connected to internet
  • Receipt missing in case of cancel during ask signature. In previous versions no receipt was communicated to the Backend and library while we already received an authorization. Therefore we should be able to print a void receipt upon cancellation and this is now fixed. 
  • Remove 'download firmware' option from merchant Admin menu. The installer should be used to update terminals and therefore the legacy method is removed from the menu
  • Cancel refund flow adjusted. The cancel flow is now in sync with the normal transaction flow meaning that a shopper is prompted to confirm a cancellation after pressing the 'cancel' button.
  • After online pin cancellation the authorization request is still being sent which results in an error response as the PIN is missing. The authorization request is now suppressed.

Known issues

  • When downgrading the terminal from 18 to an earlier version, the transactions in the TxStore from version 18 will no longer be visible. The transaction has been processed, but does not appear in the list.
  • MKE does not work.