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VOS release notes V1.20

New functionality

Customizable color schemes (MX)

It is possible to adjust the color schemes on the terminals. By default the terminals will be shipped with Adyen style UI, but from this version onwards you can change the colours and tailor it to your brand and needs. Contact the POS Support Team if you are interested in this feature.


We've introduced AliPay in this firmware version. AliPay is one of the most popular payment methods for Chinese shoppers and is now available for both integrated and standalone terminals. When a payment is initiated from the terminal or POS an AliPay option is displayed on the terminal (below the 'Present card' screen). When a shopper is selecting AliPay a QR code is displayed on the terminal which should be scanned with the AliPay app on the shopper's phone.

Contact the POS Support Team if you would like to offer AliPay as a payment option.

Country flags added to Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

To improve clarity, we have added country flags to our DCC offering. User research pointed out that this helps shoppers understand quickly that they can pay in their own currency.

Fixed issues

  • Crashes occur when processing Singaporean Dollars.
  • There is no proper time-out message for the signature screen.
    Solution: From this version onwards, a time-out is communicated to the POS