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VOS release notes V1.21

New functionality

Hide sensitive issuer responses

You can now configure a terminal to hide sensitive messages like 'insufficient funds' and 'card blocked'.

SVS Gift card support

The terminal is now able to support SVS gift cards. When a SVS gift card number is manually entered, the terminal will prompt for the security scratch number.
Contact POS Support Team if you would like support SVS gift cards. Asa merchant you need to be registered with SVS.

Network diagnostics in network menu

Network diagnostics are included in the menu. This aids troubleshooting payment problems as it will indicate whether the problem is network-related or if there is a different problem.

To start the network diagnostics, enter the main menu  and go to network > diagnostics.

Changed menu structure

Changes have been applied to the menu structure to make the menu more user friendly.

 AliPay customized transaction flow

You can start an AliPay transaction from the POS in two different ways: 

  1. Scan the AliPAY QR code on the shopper's phone using a scanner, and submit the data in the tender. The tender completes without using the terminal, but the terminal displays the payment result.  

  2. Start an Alipay transaction from the POS without the QR code details. In this case the terminal will display an Alipay QR code which can be scanned by the shopper.
    The most recent library is required to enable this flow. Contact POS Support Team for more information.

Known issues

  • Passing SVS gift card data from the POS to PED does not work. 
    Workaround: Use swipe or manual keyed entry on the PED for SVS gift cards. 

Fixed issues

  • After removing a foreign card, the terminal language doesn't go back to the default language