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VOS release notes V1.22

New functionality

Visual customization

You can now add a custom logo to every screen in the transaction flow, to provide a more branded checkout experience.

Gratuity options

Based on our merchant research we concluded that there is a demand for configuring gratuity options. From this version onwards, you can offer the following options to shoppers:

  • Fixed amount gratuity (e.g. $1 | $2 | $3 | Custom tip).
  • Percentage-based gratuity (e.g. 10% | 15% | 20% | Custom tip).
  • Combination of fixed and percentage-based (e.g. use fixed amounts below $10, and percentage-based above $10). 

Customizable menus

You can now create custom menus on the terminal. This lets you separate regularly used items from the terminal configuration settings. These menus must be configured by the POS Support Team.

Fixed Issue

  • Resolved an issue where the terminal would crash at the show screen command call (line item display) if the messages were fired quickly.