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VOS release notes V1.25

New functionality

Board terminals from the start screen with a one time password

If the terminal has not been boarded, you can enter the one-time password from the start screen to board the terminal.

Custom logos for the P400 / V400m

You can now configure a background logo for the P400 and V400m in your Customer Area

Improved functionality

Perform maintenance call on Erase configuration

When you manually erase the configuration on a terminal, the terminal performs a maintenance call to complete any outstanding actions scheduled in your Customer Area.

Quick network configuration

If the terminal is not boarded yet and has no internet connection, you can access the network configuration from the start screen.

Easy access to menus

 We've made it easier to access menus by combining keypresses:

Merchant Admin menu: 9 + Enter
Special transaction menu: 8 + Enter
Terminal info screen: 5 + Enter
Custom menu: 1 + Enter

Fixed issues

The WeChat Pay logo is missing.