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VOS release notes V1.26

New functionality

Portable (V400m) and Countertop (V400c) device

We've developed several features like printing and 4G support on VOS to launch two new terminal types: a portable and a countertop device for a selected group of Pilot merchants.

Improved functionality

We've replaced the menu item 'Installer' with 'Software'. The terminal displays the installed software version in this menu.

MOTO tender option added to Terminal API

You can now trigger a MOTO transaction on the terminal using the Terminal API

Specifying a store in tender request Terminal API

 You can now specify the store in the tender request. This allows you to support omni-channel scenarios where a transaction is processed on behalf of another store.

Fixed issues

  • After authorisation, if the transaction is cancelled, the terminal doesn't generate a receipt and pass it to the cash register.
  • If refunds are disabled, the terminal attempts to perform a refund when triggered using the Terminal API

Known issues

  • Transaction speed is negatively impacted when multiple network interface are configured. 
    Solution: We recommend configuring only one network interface (Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G).