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VOS release notes V1.29

New functionality

Transaction splitting in standalone mode

Your customers can now split the bill! This feature can be used in bars or restaurants to split a transaction across a group of people.

 Line item extended with QR code

On our MX925 terminal, you can now display a QR code with line items. Send the QR code from the cash register to the terminal to display to a shopper, for example, to provide a link.

Improved functionality

Clear feedback displayed when 'card expired'

When a transaction is refused because of an expired card, this is displayed on the terminal.

Gift card support for Terminal API

SVS and Givex are now supported for the Terminal API.

Cashback support for Terminal API

You can initiate a cashback transaction for the Terminal API.

Support for partial referenced refunds for Terminal API

You can now perform partial referenced refunds using the Terminal API

Support for custom headers in Terminal API

If you are running your POS solution in a browser, you can now use custom headers with Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) when you connect to the terminal over the local network to accept the response.

 Online PIN support for refunds

For US debit schemes, online PIN is required for online refunds. If the Adyen payments platform returns a PIN required flag on a refund request, the terminal will prompt the shopper for a PIN.

Prompt for reset after printing totals

After you print totals, you are prompted to reset totals.

Fixed issues

  • TXstore (transactions stored on the terminal) now provides the same information as the final callback on the tender.
  • In some languages an empty screen is displayed when the terminal prompted for a PIN.
  • Terminal API: The second receipt is not printed when card is removed
  • The Release version is not always correctly reported in customer area
  • When paying contactless with a mobile phone, an invalid PIN screen is briefly shown.
  • Transaction menu PIN for standalone devices is not working correctly.
  • Several fixes to improve Wi-Fi setup
  • Signature retries: if a cash register declines a signature, the terminal becomes unresponsive.

Known issues

  • Increased transaction timing on P400 and V400c if connected over Wi-Fi instead of Ethernet.
  • 4G on V400m not supported by default.