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VOS release notes V1.31

Improved functionality

Printing performance

We've improved the printing speed of the V400c and V400m significantly.

Providing Giftcard data to the POS

Many merchants and POS providers have a direct integration to their gift card provider and would like to get gift card data from the payment terminal rather than manually entering the card number or scanning the gift card.

Improved queueing mechanism for virtual receipt feature on MX925

When virtual receipt messages are sent in quick succession, only the last virtual receipt message is processed. The messages not yet processed will be dropped. 

Printing order for terminals with printer

The terminal now prints the cardholder copy of a receipt before the merchant copy.

Gratuity terminal API

If the shopper provides a tip on the terminal, the tip amount is included in the terminal API response.

Fixed issues

  •  The standalone merchant reference is in UTC instead of the local timezone.
  •  Incorrect messaging when attempting to update software while there is no network connectivity. The message 'Terminal is up to date' is replaced by 'No internet connection'.
  •  When boarding the terminal using the JNI library, the library returns an error and fails to trigger register_device_callback even though the terminal was boarded successfully.
  •  Terminal doesn't print receipts in combination with iOS library.