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VOS release notes V1.32

New features

Multimedia terminal

We've launched a new multimedia (M400) terminal! The M400 will be available for shipment within two weeks.


We now support Interac, a local debit scheme in Canada, on our range of terminals.

Reprinting of receipts

You can now reprint receipts for the last 25 transactions on payment terminals with an integrated printer. 

Voiding transactions on the terminal

You can now void the last 25 transactions from the terminal or cash register and print voided receipts. 


You can now enable installments on terminals. Installments are available if they are funded by the issuer.

Improved functionality

Configurable gift card balance display

In an integrated solution, you might want to display the balance of a gift card on the cash register instead of the terminal. You can now choose to display the balance on the terminal or on the cash register, or both.