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VOS release notes V1.35

New functionality

Authorise EMV payments without PIN or signature

You can now authorise payments below a specific value without requiring the shopper's PIN or signature. To set this up, contact the POS Support Team.

This functionality is only available in the US.

Bluetooth base station for V400m

We now offer a Bluetooth base station for the V400m. You can order Bluetooth base stations from your Customer Area.

Improved functionality

Bypass PIN on standalone terminals

PIN verification can now be bypassed on standalone terminals.

When bypassing the shopper's PIN you will be prompted to verify their signature.

To bypass PIN verification for a transaction:

  1. Navigate to the special payment functions menu on the terminal.
  2. Select Bypass PIN.

Support for EAP and PEAP Wi-Fi protocols

Terminals now support the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) and Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP) Wi-Fi protocols.

To configure the Wi-Fi protocol for a terminal:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area:
  2. Navigate to Point-of-sale > Terminals.
  3. Select the terminal, and navigate to Network > Wi-Fi profiles.
  4. Specify the protocol under Auth Type, and enter the details of the EAP or PEAP certificate.
  5. Click Save.

Test WebSocket connection

You can now test your WebSocket connection from the Diagnostics menu on the terminal.

Quickly view MAC address on the terminal

The MAC address of a terminal is now viewable in the Terminal Information menu, under IP settings.

Fixed issues

  • Card acquisition operations fail for some card types.

Known issues

  • If a Bluetooth base station is switched off, it doesn't reconnect automatically when the base station is switched on again.
  • Voided transactions are not included on the totals receipt.