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VOS release notes V1.37

The VOS V1.37 firmware is not available for Verifone MX and UX terminals.

New functionality

  • If you're using a cloud-based POS integration, you can now initiate payments from the terminal.
  • You can now print QR codes that represent the transaction references at the bottom of the receipt:

    1. In your Customer Area, navigate to Point-of-sale > Terminals > [Select terminal] > Receipt.

    2. For QR code, add your own text. This can include either:

      • ${merchantreference}: print a QR code representing the merchantReference.
      • ${pspreference}: print a QR code representing the pspReference.
      • ${tenderreference}: print a QR code representing the tenderReference.
    3. Click Save.

Improved functionality

  • The amount of empty space at the end of a terminal receipt has been reduced.
  • In Brazil, you can now use the DebitPreferred flag to choose whether debit or credit is preferred for cards that support both. For more information, see Terminal API Reference.
  • Terminals using Pay @ Table mode can now access all menus without needing to reboot the terminal.

Fixed issues

  • Gift card balance inquiries were rejected when a receiptHandler was not submitted in the payment request.
  • The magstripe icon was displayed when magstripe transactions were not available.
  • It was not possible to override which merchant account was used for the transaction.
  • Some transactions would decline when multiple terminals were connecting to one cash register.
  • Rules for blocklisting and allowlisting for additionalData was not applied correctly for card acquisition.