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VOS release notes V1.38

New functionality

New shopper inputs

On terminals that support the Terminal API except the MX925 terminal, you can now:

  • Ask the shopper to enter text on the terminal. For example, to supply their email address or phone number.
  • Ask the shopper to select options from a menu. For example, to do a survey via the terminal.

Improved card acquisition flow for contactless cards

When you acquire card details before making a payment request, you can specify an amount. If it is the same as the amount in the payment request, a shopper using a contactless card needs to tap their card only once. Otherwise, they will need to tap their card twice: once for the card details and again for the payment.

Improved functionality

Set default tender options

It is now possible to set default tender options. The terminal will then use these options for every payment. Ask the POS Support Team to configure this for you.

Brand selection

For dual-branded magstripe cards we now support brand selection. This is required in Hong Kong for China UnionPay (CUP) cards.

Downloading firmware in the background

The terminal can now download new firmware in the background while an internet connection is available. The firmware will install later when the terminal reboots at the configured restart hour. Ask the POS Support Team to configure this for you.

Fixed issues

  • After boarding, the terminal doesn't always automatically reboot.
  • In rare cases, the payment submethod (for example, Visa Electron) is incorrect either in the card acquisition response or in the payment response for the same transaction.
  • In the additional data, incorrect DCC values are shown.
  • When using an SVS gift card, the shopper is prompted for the expiry date.
  • It isn't possible to configure the static IP address on the e285 terminal.