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VOS release notes V1.39

This firmware is not available for Verifone MX and UX series terminals.

New functionality

Unified Commerce - Request input from unrecognized shoppers

If you have built a Unified Commerce integration, you can now request input (such as an email address) from shoppers that aren't recognized (their details haven't been tokenized).
To do this, your integration should request input from these shoppers between card acquisition and the payment request.

Oney support

From this release, terminals support Oney cards. Oney is a provider of private label credit cards in France.

Improved functionality

  • You can now configure a separate sales limit and refund limit.
  • The transaction amount is now visible on the terminal screen while it is Waiting for authorization.
  • The Totals menu is now visible on all terminals that have a built-in printer. Previously this menu was only visible for terminals operating in standalone mode.
  • Firmware updates can now be downloaded in the background using the Wi-Fi or cellular connections.
  • If you make QR code payments by scanning the code on the shopper's device, you no longer need to specify the AllowedPaymentBrand in the payment request. We will now try and detect the brand automatically.
  • You can now add your own custom logo to e285 terminals.

Fixed issues

  • Unsupported applications were displayed to the shopper during card acquisition.