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VOS release notes V1.40

Improved functionality

Pinging to reduce router connectivity issues

In some router setups, the connection was lost after a period of inactivity. To prevent this from happening, we introduced a local gateway ping. Contact the POS Support Team to configure the ping interval.

Numeric shopper input

If you have a Terminal API integration, you can now ask for shopper input in the form of numeric characters instead of alphabetic characters. For example, to ask the shopper to supply their phone number. To do so, you would make an InputRequest where InputCommand is set to GetDigit.

DCC information included when retrieving transaction details

When you run a query on the transactions that are stored on the terminal to retrieve the details of a specific transaction, the response now includes Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) information for the transaction, when applicable.

Terminal ID included on totals receipt

When you view or print the totals from the terminal Admin menu, the ID of the terminal is now included at the top.

Fixed issues

In this release we fixed the following issues:

  • On the e285 terminal, with a wallet payment method configured for scanning QR codes, it was not possible to select this option from the terminal keypad.
  • The line item display didn't include a tax total.
  • In rare cases, some transactions weren't included in the totals.
  • When using an SVS gift card, the shopper was prompted for the expiry date.
  • The e285 terminal couldn't switch between Wi-Fi profiles.
  • When refunding a MOTO payment, an AVS prompt appeared.
  • In the setup where a terminal connects via Bluetooth to a base station that has an Ethernet connection, the Bluetooth IP address was reported but the Ethernet IP address wasn't.
  • In the libraries, the BMP format for signatures wasn't supported as expected.